About Parkwood


Parkwood Trust is incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 and is a charitable entity under the Charities Act 2005. It began operating as a retirement village in 1971 and now incorporates the retirement village and Parkwood Lodge, a 54 apartment rest home and 25 bed continuing care hospital. The Trust’s operations are under the surveillance of statutory supervisor Trustees Executors Limited, which is responsible for ensuring that the interests of residents are protected.

Parkwood Trust exists not for profit, but for the provision of a quality lifestyle. Any financial surpluses made on its operations are applied towards improvements to facilities for the convenience and support of residents. The Board of Management includes professionals with a wide range of experience and two representatives elected by residents, all making their services available to the Trust on a voluntary basis.

The retirement complex, which is a member of the Retirement Villages Association of New Zealand, comprises 209 villas that vary greatly in their design, giving an added appeal to the village.

Residents are issued with their own Licence to Occupy when they move into Parkwood. This is the most common form of ownership in New Zealand retirement villages, which gives residents the right to occupy for life. When residents purchase a Licence to Occupy their villa, the price includes a once only contribution of $35,000 entitling them to enjoy all the community facilities.

Residents have preferential access to Parkwood Lodge, the Trust’s rest home and continuing care hospital, which is situated in the heart of the village.  When residents leave Parkwood they receive 80% of the licence’s current market value, with proceeds paid on settlement. The remaining 20% is retained by the Trust for further development of the village and its facilities. No legal fees are charged in respect of either the purchase or the sale of licences.

Villa residents pay for their own villa’s internal maintenance, insurance, power and telephone. They also pay a monthly fee that covers local body rates, external villa maintenance, upkeep of all community facilities, lawn mowing, village grounds maintenance, courtesy bus and a 24 hour on call service provided by our unique village care team, which includes registered nurses. Buildings and grounds are looked after by skilled tradesmen and gardeners employed by the Trust.

Free from grounds maintenance, residents are able to enjoy their families, retain their outside interests and participate (should they so desire) in any of the numerous village activities of their choice, yet live in a beautiful, fully maintained environment in which security and care are paramount. Visitors and families are very welcome.

Parkwood residents have their own association, which elects an executive committee annually. This very active committee meets monthly with the Trust’s General Manager, and publishes the Parkwood News monthly, which details upcoming daily events, social activities, entertainment and items of general interest to residents.

Parkwood Lodge


Parkwood Lodge is centrally situated in the village. It is an extensive total care complex designed to provide security, comfort, dignity and care in a beautiful environment. The Lodge is staffed by experienced, fully trained nursing, domestic and kitchen staff. All nursing staff are trained in palliative care.

The Lodge has two types of accommodation available, both under the care of nursing staff.

Hospital studios are designed for residents requiring continuing care and contain single rooms with ensuite bathrooms.  Twenty of the 25 rooms carry premium charges of between $9 and $13 per day.

The rest home apartments differ from the hospital studios in that they comprise a spacious lounge, snack and tea making facilities, ensuite and separate bedroom. Residents purchase a Licence to Occupy their rest home apartment.

Within the complex are modern facilities including a hairdressing salon, library, several lounges, shop, doctor’s surgery, activity room and gardens. The Lodge has its own mobility bus, especially equipped to cater for the needs of less mobile residents.